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"My mum knows a lot about different types of music, the weird thing is she never liked the blues, no one in my family liked the blues, so that was my own little disco really, which is probably why I fell in love with it a little bit more. I heard the story about Robert Johnson going to the cross roads and selling his soul to the devil for his music: the story just pulled me in and then I heard his songs and they haunted me. I read that people like Eric Clapton, and The Rolling Stones heard his music and thought it was two people playing when it was just him on his own; he was just a great, great musician. {Robert Johnson was an Afro American blues musician recording in 1936 and 1937} It was just soulful: they had nothing back then, they were living on the cotton fields, they had nothing, they were just sat out on the porches playing music and singing from their soul, just beautiful. They had it so hard, it was another world: you can’t imagine it now. I’m so thankful he gave us something very special, great music that still exists today, and a lot of stuff transcended from it, it was the roots for country, and rock and roll."

- Jake Bugg, on how he came to love the blues, where they came from and their influence


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